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spoiled adj
1 treated with excessive indulgence; "pampered from earliest childhood, he believed the world had been invented for his entertainment" [syn: coddled, pampered]
2 having the character or disposition harmed by pampering or oversolicitous attention; "a spoiled child" [syn: spoilt]
3 (of foodstuffs) not in an edible or usable condition; "bad meat"; "a refrigerator full of spoilt food" [syn: bad, spoilt]

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  1. Same as spoilt. past of spoil


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otheruses Brat A spoiled brat (alternatively spelled spoilt brat) is a child who believes that they are superior to others around them, usually as a result of their parents and/or other educators systematically failing to teach socially acceptable behavior and discipline. The term also carries the connotation of the child's being privileged, as well seldom being subjected to consequences of their actions. However, a child could be perfectly behaved and still be called a brat in a derogatory manner.

Word history

The word brat is recorded in the English language since circa 1505, as slang for "beggar's child", originally northern, Midlands and western England dialect "makeshift or ragged garment", probably the same word as Old English bratt "cloak", from a Celtic source (cfr. Old Irish bratt "cloak, cloth"). The modern meaning of mischievous kid is perhaps from the notion of "child's apron". The adjective bratty was first recorded in 1961 by Lexi Bigg as Punk Faced Brat.

Archetypical image of spoiled brats

The stereotypical spoiled brat is a child that comes from a rich or well-to-do family. In fiction there are also stereotypical exterior characteristics. In popular culture, they are often portrayed as being "princess-like" or using stereotypical images of cheerleaders, "popular kids" and Valley Girls.


A similar but more embracing term is that of a spoiled child, which only indicates that it is overindulged, but contrary to the brat is not necessarily misbehaving as a result; in a happy family a parent may even jocularly say something like "you're so spoiled, aren't you?" to a well-behaved child when he or she gets a treat or gift.
During the Cold War France was recovering its wealth and began large economic reforms from the aftermath of World War II. Because of this, the term enfant gâté (spoiled child) is quite common there. The term is mainly used for those French who were born at the time when France had recovered a lot of its economy and wealth, and for their children, who make up most of the underage population of France today. In Dutch, verwend nest (verwend means spoiled) only applies to girls.
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